Advice appointments for Carers

Our specialist advice team are able to offer Carers appointments to help Carers navigate their caring role. From September our advice appointments will be available to attend borough wide. We will be opening face to face appointment slots at sites across Clapham Junction (on Tuesdays) and Roehampton (on Thursdays). These new appointments will be offered as well as our existing face to face appointments taking place at our Balham office. Our team specialise in advice on the following topics.


Our specialist advice team can support Carers navigating the benefits system, to ensure that you are able to access all benefits that you and your cared for are entitled to. We can help you identify and apply for the correct benefits for your needs. We understand that these processes can be overwhelming and tedious, we are here to help.


Navigating the benefits, social care and health systems, to name a few, can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. It’s not always easy to know who to speak to or how to contact them; it’s also not always easy to express what it is you want to say when you. The role of an advocate is to help you express your views and wishes and can help in a number of ways.


Juggling a caring role with and a job can be overwhelming, however, support should be available in your place of work. There are certain statutory employment rights, that as a Carer, you should be aware of. We are here to advise you on all employment related issues for Carers.


Our team are here to support you with financial issues that may arise due to your caring role. We specialise in financial advice on the following topics:

  • Transport & Parking
  • Power of Attorney
  • Care Provision & Costs
  • Wills
  • Utilities
  • Grants
  • NHS Costs
Carers Assessments

A Carer’s Assessment is a way of assessing any support needs that an unpaid Carer may have. Completing an assessment is an opportunity for you to explore and discuss your caring role and the impact it has on your day to day life. If an eligible need is identified during your assessment, a support plan should be put in place.

Hospital Discharge

If the person you care for is admitted to hospital, it’s possible that this can effect the needs of both yourself and that person. There is a process that should be followed within hospitals to ensure a safe hospital discharge: Patients should be involved in every step of their discharge and discussions about what needs to be put in place should start as soon as possible. As a Carer, you should also be involved with this, with the permission of the person you care for.