Focus Groups

You can get involved with various focus groups we hold to work together with Carers to develop our services going forward

At the very heart of what we do at Wandsworth Carers’ Centre are the Carers we support

We regularly review the services we offer to Carers to ensure that what we are delivering is meeting their needs.

We hold focus groups to gather information, thoughts and ideas from Carers about specific aspects of our service.

Engaging with Carers in this way allows us to to ensure that the development of our service has Carers at the very centre of the decisions we make.

You will find information about upcoming focus groups here, as and when they are happening.

And we are always interested to hear from Carers about anything specific they would like to get involved with; if you would like to contact us about this, please use the sign up button below and tell us more!

Upcoming Focus Groups

Carers Passport Focus Group

A Carer Passport is a record which identifies a Carer and sets out an offer of support, services or other benefits in response. A Carer Passport helps to improve and embed identification, recognition and support for carers in the day-to-day life of an organisation or community.  We will lead on developing a Carer Passport scheme in our organisation and across the local community. Carers themselves will be at the heart of the development of this scheme and will be involved in co-production from the start of the process. We will work in partnership with Carers to identify how the Carers passport can best support Carers locally.

For more information please email:

Parent Carers Focus Group

Are you a parent or Carer of a child under 18 who has a disability, health condition or additional needs? If the answer is  yes, we’d like to hear from you.

We are inviting Parent Carers to work along side us to co-design a new Parent Carer support programme, including a support group. We want to hear about what is needed to support parent Carers and to work together to design a service that can best meet those needs.

For more information please email:

LGBT+ Carers Focus Group

We are holding a focus group to find out how we can best support Carers in the LGBT+ community. We would like to know if you feel that your caring role comes with additional challenges as a member of the LGBT+ community. Do you feel that you would like to access support groups but what is available isn’t quite suited to you? Whatever your support needs, we want to work with LGBT+ Carers to ensure that the support needed is the support available.

For more information please email