We are here to support those in our community who need a helping hand

There is lots available within our local community to help those who are vulnerable and need extra support at this time. 

Richmond & Wandsworth Community Hub

A Community Hub has been established that is working to help coordinate the support offered by the Council working in partnership with Wandsworth’s many voluntary organisations. A helpline has also been launched as a first response for residents. It can signpost you to the latest information and government advice, as well as other services the council can provide. If you or someone you know needs this support and they don’t have existing family, friends or other support that can step in, then please contact 0208 871 6555 or

Wandsworth Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice Wandsworth has a wealth of information and advice available via their website or you can call their Adviceline on 0808  278 7833 (you will be charged for these calls at the 01/02 rate, click here for more details).

Mutual Aid Groups

A number of community mutual aid groups have been set up to help those who are vulnerable and in isolation. These groups are made up of local volunteers who can help with grocery shopping, dog walking and other daily tasks.

Cornavirus Angels

The CoronaVirus Angels is another group that has been set up to help those in the Battersea area. To find out if they can help, you can contact them on 07394 856557 or email at

Concerns about Local Residents being Left out in the Cold

With the cost of essentials rising at the fastest rate in 30 years, the news this week of £700/year fuel bill increase is particularly chilling for local people and families on the lowest incomes in Wandsworth. Already 1 in 8 Wandsworth households are in fuel poverty.

Throughout the winter, our seven charities have supported thousands of Wandsworth residents whose household budgets are already stretched to breaking point. Families who can put the heating on or buy enough food; or pay their rent or top up their gas or electricity meter – but not both.

At the same time, too many low-income residents have been left out in the cold by Wandsworth Council’s poor delivery of the £2million Household Support Fund it received from central government last autumn.

In November, the Council announced £800,000 of its £2million Household Support Fund as fuel support payments to help lowest-income residents. By the end of January however, it had delivered just 15% of this desperately-needed support into people’s pockets.

We’re disappointed that the Council was quick to talk about supporting families through the winter, but slower to actually support families through the winter. As a result, many local people have gone without heating and essentials this winter, despite the funding being there to help them.

It’s now vital that Wandsworth Council’s actions match its words for our lowest-income residents. It must ensure that every penny of the £2million Household Support Fund reaches the pockets of people in most need now – and especially by 31 March, when any unspent hardship funding returns to central government.

It’s also vital that – with the Chancellor announcing a further £140million hardship funding to local councils – Wandsworth Council now builds the robust and effective systems it will need to rapidly deliver desperately-needed financial support to low-income residents in the future.

We urge the Council to take up our charities’ ongoing offers to work with the Council to shape and improve strategies and support for the poorest people in our borough – so that no one is left behind, unable to afford basic essentials in the coming months.

Signatories: Dan Frith, Manager, Wandsworth Foodbank

Aaron Barbour, Director, Katherine Low Settlement

Eglionna Treanor, CEO, Wandsworth Carers Centre

Giles Read, Managing Director, Thinking Works

Mary-Ann Foxwell, Chief Executive, Citizens Advice Wandsworth

Patrick Marples, CEO South West London Law Centres

Sophie Livingstone, CEO, Little Village