• 500g of Spaghetti (or whatever pasta you have to hand)
  • 300g of Pancetta or Bacon Lardons
  • 3 eggs
  • 100g Parmesan Cheese
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  1. Bring a pan of salted water to the boil
  2. Beat the eggs in a bowl, season with black pepper and set aside
  3. Heat a little oil in a frying pan
  4. Once the oil is hot add your pancetta/lardons and add your pasta to the boiling water (don’t forget, fresh pasta will take less time to cook)
  5. Once your pasta is cooked and the bacon is golden in colour.
  6. Take most of the cheese and stir it into your beaten eggs
  7. Take the spaghetti off the heat and slowly pour the egg mixture in. Mix the eggs in by using tongs or forks to lift the spaghetti so it gets coated with the mixture (you want a sauce, not scrambled egg!) If you find your spaghetti is still a bit dry just add some of the pasta water to loosen the sauce.
  8. Plate up your carbonara and serve with a touch more black pepper and the remaining cheese.