If you are in a caring role and need support as a direct result of that role, you could access help through completing a Carer’s Assessment.

What is a Carer’s Assessment?

A Carer’s Assessment is a way of assessing any support needs that an unpaid Carer may have. Completing an assessment is an opportunity for you to explore and discuss your caring role and the impact it has on your day to day life. If an eligible need is identified during your assessment, a support plan should be put in place.

 Who can request a Carer’s Assessment?

Anyone who is over the age of 18 and is providing unpaid care to a relative or friend can request a Carer’s assessment.  This is regardless of the type of care being given, the number of hours provided, financial situation or level of need. The person you are caring  for does not need to have had an assessment of needs or be in receipt of services via the local authority. Carers are also able to have their Carer’s assessment as part of a joint assessment of the cared for person’s needs.

How can you access a Carer’s Assessment?

If you would like to complete a Carer’s assessment, you can contact your local authority by telephone or in writing to request an assessment, or a review if your last assessment was one year ago or more. You can also ask for a review if your last assessment was less than a year ago but your circumstances have changed; Carers are also able to complete a self assessment online.

How to prepare for a Carer’s Assessment

When preparing for a Carer’s assessment, consider the following questions:

  1. Do you have needs that are a direct result of providing necessary care?
  2.  Does your caring role have an effect on you?

The effect on you must be either:

Your physical or mental health is at risk of getting worse, or you are unable to achieve at least one of the following outcomes:

    • Look after any children you have responsibilities for
    • Provide care to any other person
    • Maintain your home in a fit and proper state
    • Eat properly and maintain proper nutrition
    • Maintain and develop your relationships with family and friends
    • Take part in any education, training, work or volunteering you may wish to
    • Time for social activities, hobbies etc.

    3. Is there, or is there likely to be, a significant impact on your  well-being?

If an eligible need is identified, support can be offered through the local authority directly to the Carer; this can be delivered by social care or by support available in the community. It is also possible that a need could be met by providing support directly to the cared for person, e.g. a care package could be put in place.

If you would like more information about Carers Assessments, or would like support with requesting or completing one, you can contact our office by phone or email.

Alternatively, if you would like to complete your assessment online, click here to begin.