Information about planning and writing your will

Making sure your wishes are known can bring great peace of mind to Carers and cared for person alike.

Why is it important to make a will?

Making a will ensures that you are able to set out how you would like your assets and personal belongings to be shared amongst your loved ones, or any charities or groups you would like to support.

Having a legally binding document ensures that your wishes will be carried out. Often, when a will is not in place, disputes can arise between family members about how your assets and personal effects should be distributed.

How to make a will

You can write your own will but it is worth remembering that this is a legal document and will need to be valid, written correctly and with the appropriate signatures.

You can find out more about writing your will here.

If you are able to, having a solicitor to advise and assist you, would ensure that everything is as it should be and that your will is valid. This can cost in the region of £140 – £240 so it really is worth looking around if you decide to involve a solicitor.