Exercise and keeping active

We have exercise videos that are accessible for all fitness and ability levels to do at home in your own time as well as Physiotherapy exercises designed to do at home for Carers

Being indoors and caring can be difficult on our mental and physical well-being. It is not always possible to get out each day to take some time to go and exercise. We have a series of 6 exercise videos that you can do at home, in your own time that don’t require any specific equipment. The videos have been designed and are run by Bec Mitchell, who is an Australian Physiotherapist. They are low intensity and appropriate for all different fitness abilities. The first video is below and ready to go, to get the other videos please click the link below and find the whole series at our YouTube channel.

If you would like to try something slightly more relaxing we also have a yoga video which was recorded during Carers week 2020. Please see below for the video and more information.

Physio exercises

Local physiotherapist Agneta Lando has put together a series of exercise videos for our Carers. The exercises can be done easily at home and are there to help maintain your physical wellbeing. Please find the introduction to exercises video and the first set of exercises below. For more physio exercise videos please click the link below.

Yoga at Home

Yoga video

During Carers week 2020 Wandsworth Carers’ Centre had the pleasure of hosting a yoga workshop donated by Asquith yoga and led by the wonderful Eithne Bryan. Eithne took some of our Carers through a gentle yoga flow for all levels. We have uploaded the video here for you all to enjoy in your own time.

Other resources for exercise at home

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach has live P.E sessions every morning that you can join in with and it’s something the kids can get involved in too! You can follow the daily sessions or catch previous episodes here.

The NHS has lots of exercises for all fitness levels, many of which can be done at your own speed. You can access these by clicking on the links below