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We care about your privacy and want you to feel safe in the knowledge that all your information is kept securely.

Wandsworth Carers’ Centre Privacy Statement

Contact details 

Wandsworth Carers’ Centre’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) is Eglionna Treanor (CEO).  Should you wish to discuss any data protection matters please contact her on 0208 877 1200. 

Purpose of collecting data  

Wandsworth Carers’ Centre collects data on Carers and the person they care for, to enable us to provide a service to unpaid Carers who register with us.  The data we request is essential for us to provide the services to Carers. We collect data at the point of registration with us and record ongoing work by keeping notes on our database.  The data we collect is part of our funding requirement. 

Special category data (e.g., race, religion sexual orientation) 

Wandsworth Carers’ Centre collects special category data to ensure our services are representative of the population of Wandsworth.  We use this data to target areas where we might not be meeting the needs of Carers.  Carers have the right not to answer special category data questions and still be able to access services. 

Lawful basis  

Carers – by giving us your consent, you agree to us collecting your data and the way we will use it.   

The person you care for – we have a legitimate interest to collect information on the person you care for to enable us to provide a service to you (as their Carer). 

Who we will share it with 

Wandsworth Carers’ Centre works in a consortium (Carers’ Partnership Wandsworth).  As a result there are elements of our service (respite) that we deliver jointly with Bluebird Care Wandsworth.  If Carers access the respite service Bluebird Care Wandsworth will have access to relevant information about Carers to enable them to provide this service. Wandsworth Carers’ Centre provides relevant anonymised information regarding Carers and the people they care for to our commissioners. 

Safeguarding – There might be times when Carers or related third parties, give Wandsworth Carers’ Centre information that would form a safeguarding concern – e.g. there is a risk to a vulnerable person.  As a result, Wandsworth Carers’ Centre has a legal requirement to share this information with a statutory body e.g. social services.  Wandsworth Carers’ Centre will endeavour to let a Carer know this information is going to be shared prior to sharing it.  

Marketing – Wandsworth Carers’ Centre will not share your details with any third parties (other than those explicitly listed in this document).  Any publicity material you receive via post, email, text message or phone call, will be in relation to services provided by Wandsworth Carers’ Centre and Carers Partnership Wandsworth.  

We will treat your information with the utmost care and will never sell this information. We will not share your information with other organisations, unless you ask us to e.g. advocacy and/or there is a safety/welfare issue to you or the person/s for whom you are caring 

How long we will keep you information 

Wandsworth Carers’ Centre will retain Carer and cared for information for as long as is reasonable.  There are certain legal requirements in terms of data retention that we must adhere to.  If you would like information on how long data is retained for, please contact the DPO. 


Wandsworth Carers’ Centre requires the data we ask you for in order to provide a service to you.  If you do not wish to give us this data, we are unable to provide you with a service (with the exception of special category data, where Carers can still access our services, regardless if they provide this information or not) 

 Carers Rights  

Right to be forgotten 

Carers have the right to request that their data be erased from Wandsworth Carers’ Centre’s records.  Wandsworth Carers’ Centre have to respond to this request within one month.  The request can be made verbally or in writing.   The right to be forgotten is free, however Wandsworth Carers’ Centre reserve the right to charge a ‘reasonable fee’ if the request is manifestly unfounded or excessive, taking into account whether the request is repetitive in nature.  A ‘reasonable fee’ will be based on the administrative costs of processing the request. 

The right to be forgotten is not absolute and only applies in certain circumstances:  

  • The personal data we hold is no longer necessary for the purpose for which we originally collected or processed it. 
  • Wandsworth Carers’ Centre is relying on consent as the lawful basis for holding the data, and you withdraw your consent. 

The right to be forgotten does not apply if Wandsworth Carers’ Centre is processing the data for one of the following reasons: 

  • to comply with a legal obligation; 
  • for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims e.g. benefits advice. 

Right of Access 

Carers have the right to request access to the information Wandsworth Carers’ Centre has in relation to them.  This request can be made verbally or in writing and Wandsworth Carers’ Centre should respond to it within one month of the request being made.  Wandsworth Carers’ Centre will be able to extend the period of compliance by a further two months where requests are complex or numerous. If this is the case, Wandsworth Carers’ Centre will inform the individual within one month of the receipt of the request and explain why the extension is necessary. 

Where requests are manifestly unfounded or excessive, in particular because they are repetitive, Wandsworth Carers’ Centre can: 

  • charge a reasonable fee taking into account the administrative costs of providing the information; or 
  • refuse to respond. 

If Wandsworth Carers’ Centre refuses to respond to a request, we will explain why to the individual, informing them of their right to complain to the supervisory authority and to a judicial remedy without undue delay and at the latest within one month. 

Data Breach 

Wandsworth Carers’ Centre takes great care of information we hold to ensure that data breaches do not occur.  However if a data breach does occur we will inform Carers of it if a breach is likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals.  If this is the case Wandsworth Carers’ Centre will inform those concerned directly and as soon as possible.  

To determine what is ‘high risk’, Wandsworth Carers’ Centre will assess both the severity of the potential or actual impact on individuals as a result of a breach and the likelihood of this occurring. In such cases, Wandsworth Carers’ Centre will promptly inform those affected, particularly if there is a need to mitigate an immediate risk of damage to them. One of the main reasons for informing individuals is to help them take steps to protect themselves from the effects of a breach. 


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