Asian Carers

We have a growing community of Asian Carers who come together through the Carers’ Centre to share their experiences

Some of the areas that we support Asian Carers with are here. End of life care, difficulties in looking after a disabled cared for, mental health, Dementia, older siblings caring for parents, single isolated Carers, Carers who themselves experience mental health and disability conditions, difficulties in accessing support due to language .

This encompasses  support for older and younger Asian Carers who look after family members or partners, supporting diversity, cultural expectations,  and access.

This includes Carers who live both with, and separately to their cared for.

We offer 1-1 support, listening support, a space to talk about how things are for you, follow up support and contact to minimise emotional distress. To help you stay as independent as possible, helping where you feel you need help. Respecting your own knowledge and experience of the person looked after – and of  lived life experiences.

We can help to guide you through the process with other organisations i.e. benefits, finance information, Social services, Hospital, GP and others. Offer ways of coping, and help advocate for you with any services you may be finding difficult to navigate.

We run a monthly peer support group for asian Carers. Click the button below for more info.