Carer awareness training

Training available for professionals to increase the awareness of the Carers within our community and how to link them to the professional services available

Our training sessions

This can take place at The Carers’ Centre, or can be delivered from a location convenient to the attendees.  The aim of Carer Awareness Training is to provide staff with an increased understanding of Carers issues and rights, and to identify and explore ways of supporting Carers and models of good practice.  Training is often delivered by trained Carers.

The outcome of the training will be that staff will have increased their knowledge and understanding of Carers issues and rights, and identified ways in which they can support Carers and refer to Carers’ Partnership Wandsworth.

Due to the current climate we are now delivering Carer awareness training for teams of professionals over virtual platforms including Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams. If you and your team are interested in training please click the link below.

For further information and useful links and downloadable resources for yourself or your team please click below to see our resources page for professionals.

With over 6.5 million people across the UK estimated to be caring for a friend or family member, help us to make Carers more visible.