Carers Stories

Sharing stories of your caring role can be an important part of the journey for some Carers and can help other Carers in the process.

Carers  journey

I signed up as a carer with the Wandsworth group in
November last year and underwent a face to face assessment
with Geogia Pollicot the lead professional in Dementia .
This resulted amongst other things in my attending the Sunflower
Cafe in Putney on a monthly basis ,firstly on my own, then latterly with my wife.

She is in the mid stages of Dementia having been diagnosed
in February 2018. We also attended a month course titled Mindfulness
and Dementia organised by Georgia earlier this year.
My responsibilities are considerable because my wife and I have a
fifty five year old daughter with severe learning difficulties who lives in
a supported living project locally and needs a lot of help with daily living

Sometimes the stress levels are extremely high and they got to a point last year
where I had an acute reaction to the stresses and had to be hospitalised.
Since my recovery I have had a number of face to face consultations with
Georgia and she will always single me out for a chat if I haven’t spoken in
the carer s group at the Cafe and enquire as my health and well being.
Of course this was not possible following Lock down but I have stayed
in touch and joined the group via Zoom and Georgia her self via several
long phone calls.

Helpful though these have been I would say that they are not a substitute
for face to face or group contact I found the carers group hugely helpful.

Jaycee’s Poem

Jaycee La Bouche is a volunteer and Carer with Wandsworth Carers’ Centre. She is a beautiful public speaker and has performed a poem she wrote about her caring role; watch the video below.

Carer’s Poem: One of our Carers from the monthly writing group that we run has written a moving poem about the impact of lock down.

Isolated and feeling

Sad at times

Observing everything in a different way

Lonely,missing family and friends

And wishing lock down would end

Trying to keep upbeat and positive

In this unusual period

Outstanding kindness surfaced which

Now needs to remain

If you would like to share your story, please contact our team by clicking the link below and we will be in touch.