Mental Health

Considered as a hidden caring role because mental health is not ‘seen’, the importance of support for mental health Carers is paramount

1 in 6 people in the UK will experience common mental health problems in any given week. Caring for someone who is living with a mental health condition can impact your own mental health. Our team are here to support you.

There are many impacts that caring for someone with a mental health condition may have on you as a Carer. Including but not exclusive to a significant impact on your own mental health. The stigma around mental health and the importance of it being seen as having equal importance to our physical health is changing. Mental health Carers are still having to navigate this system and society with the stigma as it is today.

The complexities of the processes involved when caring for someone living with a mental health condition can feel overwhelming. It can be hard to find anytime to step back and ask how you are doing. Our two leads for mental health Carers Abi and Hannah have over two decades of experience in the mental health field between them. They are here to help support you as the Carer and to ensure that your wellbeing is looked after also.

Monthly Carers Assessment Surgery for Mental Health Carers

Wandsworth Carers’ Centre are working jointly with Adult Social Services to provide monthly Carers’ Assessment surgeries.  If you are caring for someone with a mental health condition and would like to have a Carers Assessment, please call us on 020 8877 1200 or email to book your appointment.  We are able to offer you the assessment over the phone, or via online video calling – whichever you would prefer.

For more information about the benefits of having a Carers Assessments please click here.

Peer Support Group

We have a strong established mental health peer support group which is held on the second Thursday of every month between 2pm-4pm. To join the group or to find out more about specialised support for you please click the link below and Shenade will get back to you.

Our peer support groups give Carers an opportunity to share lived experiences with other Carers who may be in similar situations to themselves. They allow Carers to co-produce the groups and the topics covered each month as well as many of our groups being co-facilitated with Carers.It also allows for Carers to feedback to the Centre, experiences they have had with services within the borough and help us develop methods of improving the services provided for Carers. If you would like to co-facilitate one of our peer support groups please click the link below, we would like to hear from you.

Our aim is always to support Carers’ to care for themselves, so they are able to continue caring for someone else.

We will always work hard to raise Carer Awareness, to celebrate Carers and be the support and advice service you can always rely on.

Kooth is there for you for advice, support and guidance on a range of issues such as stress or anxiety, worries about returning to college, fears about what the world looks like now, dealing with difficult family relationships, struggling with loss and much more.

It’s a free online chat service that works on both your smart-phone and computer. There are no waiting lists and it’s totally anonymous – you can just make up a name. And, you can freely and openly discuss any concerns that you may have, through the wide range of services that Kooth offers.