Older Carers

If you are over 65 and caring for someone we are here to support you in your role as their Carer

Older Carers are one of the biggest groups of Carers across our community. 34.5% of our total registered Carers are currently over the age of 65. The extra strains that this can put on the Carer are significant. Our team are here to work with you to help support you.

End of Life Carers

Our end of life service supports Carers over the age of 60 who are caring for someone approaching the end of their life; we can also support you after the person you have cared for has died.

The term End of Life refers here to a person who has a life limiting condition and has a prognosis where their life expectancy is less than 18 months.

By encouraging Carers to talk more openly about end of life and what that means for everyone involved, we aim to be able to give you the knowledge and confidence to be able to get things in place in good time.

Being able to plan ahead and get organised can help take the pressure off when you need it the most.

It is vital that Carers look after their own needs as well as  the needs of those they are caring for. Our service aims to make sure that end of life Carers in Wandsworth have access to all the emotional and practical support they need.

What does our end of life service offer?

  • 1-1 Listening Support
  • Financial Information including benefit entitlements
  • Information, advice & planning including:
  •          Living wills
  •          How to apply for Power of Attorney
  •          Funeral plans
  •          Final wishes
  •          Natural death
  •          Who to contact after a death
  •          Organ donation
  •          Tenancies
  •          Medication
  • Emotional Support
  • Life After Caring
  • Emotional and practical support when your caring role comes to an end

To find out more about our End of life service or to start accessing the services please email: Tracie@wandsworthcarers.org.uk

Peer Support Group

Please find information about our Former Carers peer support group here where you will be able to sign up to the group.

Our peer support groups give Carers an opportunity to share lived experiences with other Carers who may be in similar situations to themselves. They allow Carers to co-produce the groups and the topics covered each month as well as many of our groups being co-facilitated with Carers.It also allows for Carers to feedback to the Centre, experiences they have had with services within the borough and help us develop methods of improving the services provided for Carers. If you would like to co-facilitate one of our peer support groups please click the link below, we would like to hear from you.

Our aim is always to support Carers’ to care for themselves, so they are able to continue caring for someone else.

We will always work hard to raise Carer Awareness, to celebrate Carers and be the support and advice service you can always rely on.