For anyone caring for someone with any form of dementia we have respite available and specialised support for you to access

36% of Carers spend more than 100 hrs per week caring for someone with dementia. The Dementia Carers community in the UK is massive and growing each year. The members of this community are not only saving the country billions of pounds per year but they are responsible for supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society.

There is no useful ‘Guide to Caring’ when you become a Carer for a person living with dementia. It is often a journey of trial and error, figuring out what works best for the person you support and how you are going to cope.

Despite such a large community, many Dementia Carers report feeling alone in their caring role. Often becoming isolated, as they focus on supporting the person living with dementia with their complex physical, practical and emotional need, while neglecting their own needs.

There are also lots of other very useful dementia services which can provide key facts and resources for you and your cared for. We have a few of these resources below to download. For more  resources and further sign posting please contact Georgia Pollicott.

Dementia clinical nurse specialist service leaflet:

What is dementia, a guide by Alzheimer’s Society.

A guide to dementia services in Wandsworth.

Peer Support Groups

Wandsworth Carers’ Centre strives to unite Dementia Carers. We offer a number of Peer Support Groups, where Carers are able to meet others in similar situations in a friendly environment. They are able to support and learn from each other, as all are experts by experience. Many become lifelong friends weathering the ‘Dementia Storm’ together. Carers are safe to laugh and cry together.

Our peer support groups and Dementia cafe days are listed below:

Our evening peer support group is held on the third Thursday of every month between 6pm-7:30pm by Laura our Dementia lead. The Sunflower cafe is run on the first Saturday of every month between 1:30pm-3pm.  To find out more about either of these groups or to sign up for them please email:

We also have a peer support group for dementia Carers which is run on the second Wednesday of every month between 11am-1pm which is facilitated by our very own CEO Eglionna Treanor. To find out more or to sign up for this group please email:

If due to your caring role you are not able to attend peer support groups without your cared for, we also have a dementia activities zoom hour which is held on the third Friday of every month between 2pm-3pm. This activity is for both the Carer and the person they are caring for. To find out more about the activities or to sign up for this group please email:

Our peer support groups give Carers an opportunity to share lived experiences with other Carers who may be in similar situations to themselves. They allow Carers to co-produce the groups and the topics covered each month as well as many of our groups being co-facilitated with Carers.It also allows for Carers to feedback to the Centre, experiences they have had with services within the borough and help us develop methods of improving the services provided for Carers. If you would like to co-facilitate one of our dementia peer support groups please contact Laura.

Our aim is always to support Carers’ to care for themselves, so they are able to continue caring for someone else.

We will always work hard to raise Carer Awareness, to celebrate Carers and be the support and advice service you can always rely on.