For anyone caring for someone with any form of dementia we have respite available and specialised support for you to access

36% of Carers spend more than 100 hrs per week caring for someone with dementia. The Dementia Carers community in the UK is massive and growing each year. The members of this community are not only saving the country billions of pounds per year but they are responsible for supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society.

There is no useful ‘Guide to Caring’ when you become a Carer for a person living with dementia. It is often a journey of trial and error, figuring out what works best for the person you support and how you are going to cope.

Despite such a large community, many Dementia Carers report feeling alone in their caring role. Often becoming isolated, as they focus on supporting the person living with dementia with their complex physical, practical and emotional need, while neglecting their own needs.

We run 3 monthly peer support groups for dementia Carers.Click the buttons below for more info.

There are also lots of other very useful dementia services which can provide key facts and resources for you and your cared for. We have a few of these resources below to download. For more  resources and further sign posting please contact Audrey Tipson 

Dementia clinical nurse specialist service leaflet:

What is dementia, a guide by Alzheimer’s Society.

A guide to dementia services in Wandsworth.