Having a space to share your experience as an LGBTQ+ Carer and help co-design the services you would like us to provide

It is estimated that 1 in 10 people from the LGBTQ+ community are also a Carer. 

Holding onto your own identity when caring for someone can be really difficult, Carers can become distant from their friends and social lives and feel disconnected from their own communities. For LGBTQ+ Carers this can be even more challenging, and loss of identity can feel to many that they are having to hide their true selves.

We offer one to one support to LGBTQ+ Carers around accessing support for themselves or the person they are caring for. We can advocate on behalf of Carer to ensure that services are being supportive and inclusive.

We will be running information sessions for LGBTQ+ Carers who will be able to access these sessions from wherever they are in London.

We are working hard to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ Carers and are providing LGBTQ+ Carer awareness sessions to both Carers and professionals. We will also be giving Carers the opportunity to get involved with delivering these sessions themselves. As part of this we have put together an LGBTQ+ toolkit for professionals. The aim of the toolkit is to provide health and social care staff with an increased understanding of unpaid Carers’ issues and rights, and in particular the issues faced by LGBTQ+ Carers. Click here to find out more.

Some our wonderful Carers Morgan, Michael and Amit have written blog posts about their journeys as LGBTQ+ Carers. To read their stories click the buttons below.

If you are a an LGBTQ+ Carer and would like more information on our support services or to speak to one of our team please click the link below and we will get in contact.

Peer Support & Wellbeing Events

Our Peer Support and Wellbeing events give Carers an opportunity to share lived experiences with other Carers who may be in similar situations to themselves. They are an opportunity to meet other LGBTQ+ Carers and are a safe space to enjoy activities which contribute to physical and mental wellbeing. You can keep an eye on our upcoming events via our Meetup and Facebook groups, by clicking on the events button below. We aim to host an online and an in-person event each month. We also have a LGBTQ+ Facebook group for support, the link for the group can be found below.

Our events are co-produced with Carers. We would love to hear about the types of events that would benefit you, as well as the topics you would like to see covered via Peer Support discussions or information sessions. If you would like to co-facilitate one of our Peer Support events, please let us know. Please click the link below, we would love to hear from you.

Our aim is always to support Carers’ to care for themselves, so they are able to continue caring for someone else.

We will always work hard to raise Carer Awareness, to celebrate Carers and be the support and advice service you can always rely on.